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10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"N.Kr."},"CHF":{"currency_id":"13","code":"CHF","symbol_left":"CHF$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.01181900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"CHF"},"PLN":{"currency_id":"18","code":"PLN","symbol_left":"zł","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.69808800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"PLN"}},"in":{"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"INR":{"currency_id":"29","code":"INR","symbol_left":"₹","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"68.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"images/currency/INR.jpg","title":"₹"}},"au":{"AUD":{"currency_id":"11","code":"AUD","symbol_left":"AU$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.34868900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"A$"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"NZD":{"currency_id":"23","code":"NZD","symbol_left":"$NZ.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.46959600","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"NZ$"}},"us":{"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"BRL":{"currency_id":"21","code":"BRL","symbol_left":"R$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.73740000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"R$"},"MXN":{"currency_id":"14","code":"MXN","symbol_left":"$MXN","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"20.18354900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Mex.$"}},"mx":{"MXN":{"currency_id":"14","code":"MXN","symbol_left":"$MXN","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"20.18354900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"Mex.$"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"ARS":{"currency_id":"20","code":"ARS","symbol_left":"ARS$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"24.40460000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Argentine Peso"},"BRL":{"currency_id":"21","code":"BRL","symbol_left":"R$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.73740000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"R$"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"}},"fr":{"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"CHF":{"currency_id":"13","code":"CHF","symbol_left":"CHF$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.01181900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"CHF"},"SEK":{"currency_id":"16","code":"SEK","symbol_left":"S.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.85480800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SEK"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"}},"es":{"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"MXN":{"currency_id":"14","code":"MXN","symbol_left":"$MXN","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"20.18354900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Mex.$"},"BRL":{"currency_id":"21","code":"BRL","symbol_left":"R$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.73740000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"R$"},"ARS":{"currency_id":"20","code":"ARS","symbol_left":"ARS$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"24.40460000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Argentine Peso"}},"ar":{"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"SAR":{"currency_id":"19","code":"SAR","symbol_left":"S.R.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.75020000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SAR"},"AED":{"currency_id":"25","code":"AED","symbol_left":"AED.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.67350000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"AED"},"KWD":{"currency_id":"24","code":"KWD","symbol_left":"K.D.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.30170000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Kuwait Dinar"},"QAR":{"currency_id":"26","code":"QAR","symbol_left":"QR.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.65000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Qatar Riyal"},"BHD":{"currency_id":"28","code":"BHD","symbol_left":"BD.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.37800000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Bahrain Dinar"},"OMR":{"currency_id":"27","code":"OMR","symbol_left":"RO.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.38600000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Oman Riyal "},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"AUD":{"currency_id":"11","code":"AUD","symbol_left":"AU$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.34868900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"A$"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"SEK":{"currency_id":"16","code":"SEK","symbol_left":"S.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.85480800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SEK"}},"en":{"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"AUD":{"currency_id":"11","code":"AUD","symbol_left":"AU$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.34868900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"A$"},"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"NOK":{"currency_id":"15","code":"NOK","symbol_left":"N.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.22930100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"N.Kr."},"CHF":{"currency_id":"13","code":"CHF","symbol_left":"CHF$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.01181900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"CHF"},"SEK":{"currency_id":"16","code":"SEK","symbol_left":"S.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.85480800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SEK"},"BRL":{"currency_id":"21","code":"BRL","symbol_left":"R$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.73740000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"R$"},"PLN":{"currency_id":"18","code":"PLN","symbol_left":"zł","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.69808800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"PLN"},"RUB":{"currency_id":"8","code":"RUB","symbol_left":"RUB","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"0","value":"63.31638600","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"₽"},"MXN":{"currency_id":"14","code":"MXN","symbol_left":"$MXN","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"20.18354900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Mex.$"},"SAR":{"currency_id":"19","code":"SAR","symbol_left":"S.R.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.75020000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SAR"},"JPY":{"currency_id":"9","code":"JPY","symbol_left":"JPY¥","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"0","value":"112.19201900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"J¥"},"HKD":{"currency_id":"12","code":"HKD","symbol_left":"HK$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"7.92927100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"HK$"},"SGD":{"currency_id":"22","code":"SGD","symbol_left":"S$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.35939600","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"S$"},"INR":{"currency_id":"29","code":"INR","symbol_left":"₹","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"68.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"images/currency/INR.jpg","title":"₹"}},"ca":{"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"}},"de":{"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"CHF":{"currency_id":"13","code":"CHF","symbol_left":"CHF$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.01181900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"CHF"},"SEK":{"currency_id":"16","code":"SEK","symbol_left":"S.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.85480800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"SEK"},"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"NOK":{"currency_id":"15","code":"NOK","symbol_left":"N.Kr.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"8.22930100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"N.Kr."},"AUD":{"currency_id":"11","code":"AUD","symbol_left":"AU$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.34868900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"A$"}},"uk":{"GBP":{"currency_id":"1","code":"GBP","symbol_left":"£","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.75061000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"£"},"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"AUD":{"currency_id":"11","code":"AUD","symbol_left":"AU$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.34868900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"A$"},"CAD":{"currency_id":"10","code":"CAD","symbol_left":"CA$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.30404100","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"C$"},"NZD":{"currency_id":"23","code":"NZD","symbol_left":"$NZ.","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.46959600","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"NZ$"}}} es {"EUR":{"currency_id":"3","code":"EUR","symbol_left":"€","symbol_right":"€","decimal_place":"2","value":"0.85949800","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"1","country_flag":"","title":"€"},"USD":{"currency_id":"2","code":"USD","symbol_left":"US$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"1.00000000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"US$"},"MXN":{"currency_id":"14","code":"MXN","symbol_left":"$MXN","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"20.18354900","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Mex.$"},"BRL":{"currency_id":"21","code":"BRL","symbol_left":"R$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"3.73740000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"R$"},"ARS":{"currency_id":"20","code":"ARS","symbol_left":"ARS$","symbol_right":"","decimal_place":"2","value":"24.40460000","date_modified":"2018-05-21 10:58:07","status":"0","default":"0","country_flag":"","title":"Argentine Peso"}}
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    Last Modified:  [April 20th, 2018]


    This Privacy Statement explains how ZoeTop Business Co., Limited (collectively, “ROMWE,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) collect, use, share and process your information.



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    Collection and Use of Personal Data

    Personal data is information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you.  Personal data also includes anonymous data that is linked to information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you.  Personal data does not include data that has been irreversibly anonymized or aggregated so that it can no longer enable us, whether in combination with other information or otherwise, to identify you.

    Here is a description of the types of personal data we may collect and how we may use it:

    What Personal Data We Collect


    Depending on the products and services you use, we collect different kinds of personal data from or about you.


    • Data you provide:  We collect the personal data you provide when you use our products and services or otherwise interact with us, such as when you create an account, Contact Us,[2] participate in an online survey, use our online help or online chat tool.


    • Data about payments:  If you make a purchase, we collect personal data in connection with the purchase.  This data includes your payment data, such as your credit or debit card number and other card information, and other account and authentication information, as well as billing, shipping, and contact details.


    • Data about use of our services and products: When you visit our websites, we may collect data about the type of device you use, your device’s unique identifier, the IP address of your device, your operating system, the type of Internet browser that you use, usage information, diagnostic information, and location information from or about the computers, phones, or other devices on which you install or access our products or services.  Where available, our services may use GPS, your IP address, and other technologies to determine a device’s approximate location to allow us to improve our products and services.


    How We Use Your Personal Data


    Generally speaking, we use personal data to provide, improve, and develop our products and services, to communicate with you, to offer you targeted advertisements and services, and to protect us and our customers.


    ZoeTop Business Co., Limited, processes and determines how to process your personal data as data controller for the following purposes:


    • Providing, improving, and developing our products and services:  We use personal data to help us provide, improve, and develop our products, services, and advertising.  This includes using personal data for purposes such as data analysis, research, and audits. Such processing is based on our legitimate interest in offering you products and services and for business continuity.  If you enter a contest, or other promotion, we may use the personal data you provide to administer those programs.  Some of these activities have additional rules, which may contain further data about how we use personal data, so we encourage you to read those rules carefully before participating.


    • Communicating with you:  Subject to your prior express consent, we may use personal data to send you marketing communications in relation to ROMWE own products and services, communicate with you about your account or transactions, and inform you about our policies and terms.  If you no longer wish to receive email communications for marketing purposes, please Contact Us[3] to opt-out.  We also may use your data to process and respond to your requests when you contact us.  Subject to your prior express consent, we may share your personal data with third party partners who may send you marketing communications in relation to their products and services.


    • Offering and measuring targeted advertisements and services:  Subject to your prior express consent, we may use personal data to personalize your experience with our products and services and on third-party websites and applications and to determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns. 


    For any of the uses of your data described above that require your prior express consent, note that you may withdraw your consent by contacting ZoeTop Business Co., Limited.[4]


    • Promoting safety and security:  We use personal data to help verify accounts and user activity, as well as to promote safety and security, such as by monitoring fraud and investigating suspicious or potentially illegal activity or violations of our terms or policies. Such processing is based on our legitimate interest in helping ensure the safety of our products and services.


    Cookies and Similar Technologies

    We use cookies and similar technologies to provide, protect, and improve our products and services, such as by personalizing content, offering and measuring advertisements, understanding user behavior, and providing a safer experience. 

    You can remove or reject cookies using your browser or device settings, but in some cases doing so may affect your ability to use our products and services.

    Please read our Cookie Statement[5] to learn more about how we use cookies and the choices you have.

    Disclosure of Personal Data

    We make certain personal data available to strategic partners that work with us to provide our products and services or help us market to customers.  Personal data will only be shared by us with these companies in order to provide or improve our products, services, and advertising; it will not be shared with third parties for their own marketing purposes without your prior express consent. 

    Service Providers

    We share personal data with companies that provide services on our behalf, such as website hosting, email services, marketing, sponsoring of sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions, auditing, fulfilling customer orders, data analytics, providing customer service, and conducting customer research and satisfaction surveys.  These companies are obligated to protect your data and may be located wherever we operate.


    Corporate Affiliates and Corporate Business Transactions


    We may share personal data with all ZoeTop Business Co., Limited-affiliated companies.  In the event of a merger, reorganization, acquisition, joint venture, assignment, spin-off, transfer, or sale or disposition of all or any portion of our business, including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings, we may transfer any and all personal data to the relevant third party. 


    Legal Compliance and Security

    It may be necessary—by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence—for us to disclose personal data.  We may also disclose personal data if we determine that for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary or appropriate.


    We may also disclose personal data if we determine in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect our rights and pursue available remedies, enforce our terms and conditions, investigate fraud, or protect our operations or users.


    Legal Basis For The Processing of Personal Data from EEA Residents


    If you reside within the European Economic Area (EEA), our processing of your personal data will be legitimized as follows: Whenever we require your consent for the processing of your personal data such processing will be justified pursuant to Article 6(1) lit. (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). If the processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of a contract between you and us or for taking any pre-contractual steps upon your request, such processing will be based on GDPR Article 6(1) lit. (b). Where the processing is necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation, we will process your data on basis of GDPR Article 6(1) lit. (c), and where the processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, such processing will be made in accordance with GDPR Article 6(1) lit. (f).


    Your Rights


    We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is accurate, complete, and up to date.  You have the right to access, correct, or delete the personal data that we collect.  You are also entitled to restrict or object, at any time, to the further processing of your personal data.  You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured and standard format.  You may lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority regarding the processing of your personal data.

    To protect the privacy and the security of your personal data, we may request data from you to enable us to confirm your identity and right to access such data, as well as to search for and provide you with the personal data we maintain.  There are instances where applicable laws or regulatory requirements allow or require us to refuse to provide or delete some or all of the personal data that we maintain.


    You may Contact Us[6] to exercise your rights.  We will respond to your request in a reasonable timeframe, and in any event in less than 30 days.


    Closing Accounts


    Please contact ROMWE[7] to close your account in relation to the following uses of your personal data:


    • providing, improving, and developing our products and services;
    • communicating with you;  
    • sharing your personal data with third party partners for marketing communications;
    • offering and measuring targeted advertisements and services; or
    • promoting safety and security.

    Please contact ROMWE[8] to close your account in relation to the use of your personal data for the provision of products and services you requested.


    If you close your account, we have no obligation to retain your data, and we may delete any or all of your data without liability.  However, we may retain data related to you if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, if required by law, or for legitimate purposes, such as analysis of non-personal data, account recovery, auditing our records, and enforcing our rights and obligations under our agreements.


    Third-Party Websites and Services

    Our websites, products, and services may contain links to or the ability for you to access third-party websites, products, and services.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by those third parties, nor are we responsible for the information or content their products and services contain.  This Privacy Statement applies solely to data collected by us through our products and services.  We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any third party before proceeding to use their websites, products, or services.


    Data Security, Integrity, and Retention

    We use reasonable technical, administrative, and physical security measures designed to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access to your data, and to correctly use the data we collect.  For example, access to your personal data is restricted to our employees, contractors, and agents who need access to such data to perform their assigned job duties. 

    It is important that you take precautions to protect against unauthorized access to your ROMWE products, account credentials, and computer or other devices.  If you feel that the security of your account or personal data has been compromised, please immediately Contact Us.[9] Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, no security system is impenetrable.  In the event of a security breach, we will promptly notify you and the proper authorities if required by law.

    We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.


    Our products and services are intended for adults.  Accordingly, we do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose data from children under 16.  If we learn that we have collected the personal data of a child under 16, or the equivalent minimum age depending on the jurisdiction,  we will take steps to delete the data as soon as possible.  Please immediately Contact Us[10] if you become aware that a child under 16 has provided us with personal data.

    Data Transfers, Storage, and Processing Globally

    When we share your personal data with our partners, ROMWE-affiliated companies, and service providers, your personal data may be transferred to and/or made accessible from countries out of the European Economic Area.  In such circumstances, we will enter into model contractual clauses as adopted by the European Commission, or rely on alternative legal bases such as the Privacy Shield, where applicable, or binding corporate rules where our partners or service providers have adopted such internal policies approved by European data protection authorities.

    Changes to this Privacy Statement

    We may periodically change this Privacy Statement to keep pace with new technologies, industry practices, and regulatory requirements, among other reasons.  We expect most such changes to be minor.  Any non-material changes will take effect immediately upon posting of an updated Privacy Statement.  However, there may be cases where changes to the Privacy Statement may be more significant.  In such cases, we will first provide a more prominent notice.[11]

    Your continued use of the our products and services after the effective date of the Privacy Statement means that you accept the revised Privacy Statement.  If you do not agree to the revised Privacy Statement, please refrain from using our products or services and Contact Us[12] to close any account you may have created. 


    Contact Us[13]

    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or its implementation, here is how you can reach us:

    In relation to the use of your personal data for the following purposes: data@romwe.com

    • providing, improving, and developing our products and services;
    • communicating with you;  
    • sharing your personal data with third party partners for marketing communications;
    • offering and measuring targeted advertisements and services;
    • promoting safety and security.


    In relation to the use of your personal data for the provision of products and services you requested:







    Cookie Statement[14]

    Last Modified:  [Insert date]

    This Cookie Statement applies to all ZoeTop Business Co., Limited affiliates, brands, websites, products, and services (collectively, “ROMWE,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) and explains how we use cookies on our websites and online services and the choices you have. 

    Definition of “Cookies”


    Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers.  Cookies are widely used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices.  We also use other technologies, including data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, for similar purposes.  In this Cookie Statement, we refer to all of these technologies as “cookies.”

    Types of Cookies


    We use cookies to provide, protect, and improve our products and services, such as by personalizing content, offering and measuring advertisements, understanding user behavior, and providing a safer experience.  We describe below the various types of cookies we use and the purposes they perform.  Please note that the specific cookies we may use vary depending on the specific websites and services you use.[15]

    • Essential cookies:  These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with our websites and services and to enable essential features, such as providing shopping cart or live chart functionality.  If you disable these cookies, we will not be able to fulfill your request. 


    • Performance and functionality cookies:  These cookies collect information about how you use our websites and services and allow us to remember the choices you make while browsing.  The information these cookies collect allows us to optimize our websites and make them easier for you to use, and it does not personally identify you.  If you disable or opt-out of these cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services, and it may reduce the support or information that we can provide you.


    • Analytics and customization cookies[16]:  These cookies collect information we use in aggregate form to help us understand how our websites and services are being used and how effective our marketing campaigns are, and help us customize our websites.  If you disable or opt-out of these cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services, and it may reduce the support or information that we can provide you.


    • Advertising cookies[17]:  These cookies collect information about your browsing or shopping history and are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you.  They perform functions like preventing the same advertisement from continuously reappearing, ensuring that advertisements are properly displayed, and in some cases selecting advertisements that are based on your interests.  We may share this information with third parties to help create and deliver advertising personalized to you and your interests.  If you disable or opt-out of these cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services, and it may reduce the support or information that we can provide you.


    • Social networking cookies[18]:  These cookies are used to enable you to share pages and content on our websites and services through third-party social networking and other websites.  These cookies may also be used for advertising purposes.

    Cookies Placed by Third Parties[19]


    You may also encounter cookies on our websites that are placed by third parties.  For example, when you buy our products online, our e-commerce vendor may use cookies and other technologies.  We may also allow third parties to place cookies on our websites to track information about your online activities and/or across third-party sites or online services, including to send you targeted advertisements based on that information, which may include the remarketing of our products and services that you have viewed on our websites and on third-party websites.

    This Cookie Statement does not apply to the cookies, applications, technologies or websites that are owned by and/or operated by third parties, or such third parties’ practices, even if they use or access our technology to store or collect information.  To understand how third parties use cookies, please review their privacy policies.


    Controlling and Opting-Out of Cookies


    Your browser or device may offer settings that allow you to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them.  For more information about these controls and to exercise your cookie preferences, visit your browser or device's help material.  If you choose to reject cookies, as noted above, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services.

    Do Not Track

    Some browsers include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” signals.  We do not process or respond to “Do Not Track” signals.  Instead, we adhere to the standards described in our Privacy Statement[20] and this Cookie Statement.


    Acepto la Política de Privacidad.
    Me gustaría recibir Emails o SMS promocionales.

    Política de Privacidad



    Última Modificación:  [20 de Abril, 2018]


    Esta Declaración de Privacidad, explica cómo ZoeTop Business Co., Limited (en adelante, “ROMWE,” “nosotros,” o “nuestro/a”) recopila, usa, comparte y procesa su información.


    Enlaces Directos


    Pulse en los siguientes enlaces para dirigirse a cada apartado de esta Declaración de Privacidad.[1]


    • Recopilación y Uso de Datos Personales
    • Cookies y Otras Tecnologías Similares
    • Divulgación de Datos Personales
    • Sus Derechos
    • Cancelación de Cuentas
    • Sitios Webs y Servicios de Terceros
    • Seguridad, Integridad y Retención de Datos
    • Niños
    • Transferencia, Almacenamiento y Procesamiento Global de Datos
    • Cambios en la Declaración de Privacidad
    • Contacte con Nosotros



    Recopilación y Uso de Datos Personales


    Los datos personales, son una información que puede usarse para identificarle directamente o indirectamente. Estos datos incluyen información anónima ligada a la información que puede identificarle directa o indirectamente. Los datos personales no incluyen aquellos que se hayan especificado como anónimos ni datos agregados, con los que no se nos permita identificarle, bien en combinación con otra información o de cualquier otra manera.


    A continuación, tiene la descripción de los tipos de datos personales que podemos recopilar, y cómo Podemos hacer uso de ellos:



    Datos Personales que Podemos Recopilar


    Dependiendo de los productos y servicios que use, podemos recopilar distintos datos personales suyos o sobre usted.


    • Datos que usted facilitaRecopilamos aquellos datos personales que usted mismo facilita al usar nuestros servicios, o al interactuar con nosotros, como por ejemplo cuando crea una cuenta, en la sección Contacte con Nosotros,[2] participando en una encuesta online, usando nuestra ayuda online o nuestra herramienta de chat online.


    • Datos financierosSi ha realizado una compra, los datos de los que dispondremos, son los relacionados con esa compra. Estos datos incluyen la información de pago, el número de tarjeta de crédito o débito, información sobre su tarjeta, información de autentificación y detalles de facturación, envío y contacto.


    • Datos sobre el uso de nuestros servicios y productos: Cuando visita nuestras websites, podremos recopilar datos sobre el tipo de dispositivo con el que se conectó, el identificador del dispositivo, el IP del dispositivo, su sistema operativo, el tipo de buscador que utiliza, el uso de datos, diagnóstico de información y localización de ordenadores, teléfonos u otros dispositivos en los que tenga instalada nuestra APP o nuestros productos o servicios tengan acceso. Donde esté disponible, nuestros servicios pueden usar su GPS, su dirección IP y otros tipos de tecnologías para determinar la situación aproximada de su dispositivo y así, poder mejorar nuestros productos y servicios.


    Cómo Usar Sus Datos Personales


    De manera general, usamos los datos personales para ofrecer, mejorar y desarrollar nuestros productos y servicios, para comunicarnos con usted, para ofrecerle publicidad y servicios personalizados y para protegernos a nosotros mismos y a nuestros clientes.


    ZoeTop Business Co., Limited, determina cómo procesar sus datos personales actuando como controlador con los siguientes objetivos:


    • Proporcionar, mejorar y desarrollar nuestros productos y serviciosutilizamos datos personales para ayudarnos a proporcionar, mejorar y desarrollar nuestros productos, servicios y publicidad. Esto incluye el uso de datos personales para fines tales como análisis de datos, investigación y auditorías. Dicho procesamiento se basa en nuestro interés legítimo en ofrecerle productos y servicios y para la continuidad del negocio. Si participa en un concurso u otra promoción, podemos utilizar los datos personales que nos proporciona para administrar esos programas. Algunas de estas actividades tienen reglas adicionales, que pueden contener más datos sobre cómo usamos los datos personales, por lo que le recomendamos que lea esas reglas cuidadosamente antes de participar.


    • Comunicarnos con usted:  Sujeto a su previo consentimiento expreso, podemos utilizar datos personales para enviarle comunicaciones de marketing relacionadas con los productos y servicios propios de ROMWE, comunicarnos con usted sobre su cuenta o transacciones e informarle sobre nuestras políticas y términos. Si ya no desea recibir comunicaciones por correo electrónico con fines de comercialización, contáctenos[3] para cancelar su suscripción. También podemos usar sus datos para procesar y responder sus solicitudes cuando contacte con nosotros. Sujeto a su previo consentimiento expreso, podemos compartir su información personal con terceros asociados que pueden enviarle comunicaciones de marketing en relación con sus productos y servicios.


    • Ofrecerle una publicidad y servicios personalizadossujeto a su consentimiento previo y expreso, podemos usar sus datos personales para personalizar su experiencia con nuestros productos y servicios, en sitios web y aplicaciones de terceros y para determinar la eficacia de nuestras campañas de promoción.


    Para cualquiera de los usos de sus datos, descritos anteriormente, se requiere su previo consentimiento expreso, tenga en cuenta que puede retirar este consentimiento, contactando con ZoeTop Business Co., Limited.[4]



    • Promover la seguridadutilizamos los datos personales para ayudar a verificar las cuentas y la actividad de los usuarios, así como para promover la seguridad, monitoreando fraudes e investigando actividades sospechosas, potencialmente ilegales o violaciones de nuestros términos o políticas. Dicho procesamiento se basa en nuestro interés legítimo en ayudar a garantizar la seguridad de nuestros productos y servicios.


    Cookies y Otras Tecnologías Similares


    Usamos cookies y tecnologías similares para proporcionar, proteger y mejorar nuestros productos y servicios, como, por ejemplo, personalizando el contenido, ofreciendo anuncios, entendiendo el comportamiento del usuario y brindando una experiencia de navegación más segura.


    Puede eliminar o rechazar las cookies utilizando la configuración de su navegador o dispositivo, pero en algunos casos hacerlo puede afectar su capacidad para usar nuestros productos y servicios.


    Lea nuestra Declaración de cookies[5] para obtener más información sobre cómo usamos las cookies y las opciones que tiene.


    Divulgación de Datos Personales


    Hacemos que ciertos datos personales estén disponibles para los socios estratégicos que trabajan con nuestros productos y servicios y nos ayudan a comercializarlos con nuestros clientes. Nosotros solo compartiremos los datos personales con estas compañías para proporcionar o mejorar nuestros productos, servicios y publicidad; no se compartirá con terceros para sus propios fines de marketing sin su previo consentimiento expreso.


    Proveedores de Servicio


    Compartimos datos personales con empresas que brindan servicios en nuestro nombre, como sitios web, servicios de correo electrónico, marketing, patrocinio de sorteos, concursos y otras promociones, auditorías, cumplimiento de pedidos de clientes, análisis de datos, prestación de servicio al cliente y realización de investigaciones con clientes y encuestas de satisfacción. Estas compañías están obligadas a proteger sus datos y pueden estar ubicadas en cualquier lugar donde operemos.


    Afiliados y Transacciones Corporativas


    Podemos compartir datos personales con todas las compañías afiliadas de ZoeTop Business Co., Limited. En el caso de una fusión, reorganización, adquisición, asociación, cesión, escisión, transferencia o venta o disposición de todo o parte de nuestro negocio, incluso en conexión con cualquier bancarrota o procedimientos similares, podemos transferir todos o una parte de los datos personales a la tercera parte correspondiente.


    Cumplimiento Legal y de Seguridad


    Puede ser necesariopor ley, por proceso legal, litigios y/o solicitudes de autoridades públicas y gubernamentales dentro o fuera de su país de residencia que divulguemos sus datos personales. También podemos divulgar datos personales si determinamos que, a efectos de seguridad nacional, aplicación de la ley u otros asuntos de importancia pública, la divulgación es necesaria o apropiada.


    También podemos divulgar datos personales si determinamos de buena fe que la divulgación es razonablemente necesaria para proteger nuestros derechos y buscar soluciones disponibles, hacer cumplir nuestros términos y condiciones, investigar el fraude o proteger nuestras operaciones o usuarios.


    Base Legal Para El Procesamiento de Datos Personales de Residentes en EEE


    Si reside dentro del Espacio Económico Europeo (EEE), el procesamiento de sus datos personales se legitimará de la siguiente manera: Siempre que solicitemos su consentimiento para el procesamiento de sus datos personales, dicho procesamiento estará justificado de conformidad con el Artículo 6 (1) párrafo (a) del Reglamento general de protección de datos (UE) 2016/679 ("GDPR"). Si el procesamiento de sus datos personales es necesario para la ejecución de un contrato entre usted y nosotros o para tomar cualquier medida precontractual previa solicitud, dicho procesamiento se basará en el Artículo 6 (1) de GDPR párrafo (b). Cuando el procesamiento sea necesario para que cumplamos con una obligación legal, procesaremos sus datos en base al Artículo 6 (1) de la GDPR párrafo (c), y cuando el procesamiento sea necesario para los propósitos de nuestros intereses legítimos, dicho procesamiento se realizará de conformidad con el Artículo 6 (1) de la GDPR párrafo (f).


    Sus derechos


    Tomamos medidas razonables para garantizar que sus datos personales sean precisos, completos y actualizados. Tiene derecho a acceder, corregir o eliminar los datos personales que recopilamos. También tiene derecho a restringir u oponerse, en cualquier momento, al procesamiento posterior de sus datos personales. Usted tiene derecho a recibir sus datos personales en un formato estructurado y estándar. Puede presentar una queja ante la autoridad competente de protección de datos con respecto al procesamiento de sus datos personales.


    Para proteger la privacidad y la seguridad de sus datos personales, podemos solicitarle datos para permitirnos confirmar su identidad y derecho a acceder a dichos datos, así como a buscar y proporcionarle los datos personales que conservamos. Hay instancias en las que las leyes aplicables o los requisitos reglamentarios nos permiten o nos obligan a negarnos a proporcionar o eliminar algunos o todos los datos personales que mantenemos.


    Puede comunicarse[6] con nosotros para ejercer sus derechos. Responderemos a su solicitud en un plazo razonable y, en cualquier caso, en menos de 30 días.



    Cancelación de Cuentas


    Póngase en contacto con ROMWE[7] para cerrar su cuenta en relación con los siguientes usos de sus datos personales:


    • Proporcionar, mejorar y desarrollar nuestros productos y servicios;
    • Comunicarnos con usted;
    • Compartir sus datos personales con socios externos para comunicaciones de marketing;
    • Ofrecer anuncios y servicios específicos; o
    • Promover la seguridad y la protección.

    Póngase en contacto con ROMWE[8] para cerrar su cuenta en relación con el uso de sus datos personales para la provisión de los productos y servicios que solicitó.


    Si cierra su cuenta, no tenemos la obligación de retener sus datos, y podemos eliminar alguno o todos sus datos sin responsabilidad. Sin embargo, podemos retener los datos relacionados con usted, si creemos que puede ser necesario, para evitar fraudes o futuros abusos, si así lo requiere la ley o para fines legítimos, como análisis de datos no personales, recuperación de cuentas, auditoría de nuestros registros y haciendo cumplir nuestros derechos y obligaciones bajo nuestros acuerdos.


    Sitios Web y Servicios de Terceros


    Nuestros sitios web, productos y servicios pueden contener enlaces o la posibilidad de acceder a sitios web, productos y servicios de terceros. No somos responsables de las prácticas de privacidad empleadas por esos terceros, ni somos responsables de la información o el contenido que contienen sus productos y servicios. Esta Declaración de privacidad se aplica únicamente a los datos recopilados por nosotros a través de nuestros productos y servicios. Le recomendamos que lea las políticas de privacidad de cualquier tercero antes de proceder a utilizar sus sitios web, productos o servicios.


    Seguridad, Integridad y Retención de Datos


    Utilizamos medidas de seguridad físicas, administrativas y técnicas razonables, diseñadas para salvaguardar y ayudar a prevenir el acceso no autorizado a sus datos, y para usar correctamente los datos que recopilamos. Por ejemplo, el acceso a sus datos personales está restringido a nuestros empleados, contratistas y agentes que necesitan acceso a dichos datos para realizar sus tareas laborales asignadas.


    Es importante que tome precauciones para protegerse contra el acceso no autorizado a sus productos ROMWE, credenciales de la cuenta y ordenador u otros dispositivos. Si considera que la seguridad de su cuenta o de sus datos personales se ha visto comprometida, contáctenos[9] inmediatamente. Tenga en cuenta que, a pesar de nuestros mejores esfuerzos, ningún sistema de seguridad es impenetrable. En el caso de una violación de seguridad, le avisaremos a usted y a las autoridades correspondientes si así lo exige la ley.


    Retendremos sus datos personales durante el tiempo que sea necesario para cumplir con los fines descritos en esta Declaración de privacidad, a menos que la ley exija o permita un período de retención más largo.




    Nuestros productos y servicios están destinados a adultos. En consecuencia, no recopilamos, usamos o divulgamos datos de niños menores de 16 años con conocimiento de causa. Si descubrimos que hemos recopilado los datos personales de un niño menor de 16 años o la edad mínima equivalente según la jurisdicción, tomaremos medidas para eliminar los datos lo antes posible. Póngase en contacto[10] con nosotros de inmediato si tiene conocimiento de que un niño menor de 16 años nos ha proporcionado datos personales.


    Transferencias, Almacenamiento y Procesamiento Global de Datos


    Cuando compartimos sus datos personales con nuestros socios, compañías afiliadas a ROMWE y proveedores de servicios, sus datos personales pueden ser transferidos y / o accesibles desde países fuera del Área Económica Europea. En tales circunstancias, estableceremos cláusulas contractuales modelo según lo adoptado por la Comisión Europea, o confiaremos en bases legales alternativas como el Escudo de privacidad, cuando corresponda, o reglas corporativas vinculantes, donde nuestros socios o proveedores de servicios hayan adoptado dichas políticas internas, aprobadas por Autoridades europeas de protección de datos.


    Cambios en esta Declaración de Privacidad


    Podemos cambiar periódicamente esta Declaración de privacidad para seguir el ritmo de las nuevas tecnologías, las prácticas de la industria y los requisitos reglamentarios, entre otras razones. Esperamos que la mayoría de esos cambios sean menores. Cualquier cambio no material tendrá efecto inmediatamente después de la publicación de una Declaración de privacidad actualizada. Sin embargo, puede haber casos en los que los cambios a la Declaración de privacidad puedan ser más significativos. En tales casos, primero proporcionaremos un aviso más detallado. [11]


    El uso continuado de nuestros productos y servicios después de la fecha de vigencia de la Declaración de Privacidad, significa que usted acepta la Declaración de Privacidad revisada. Si no está de acuerdo con la Declaración de Privacidad revisada, absténgase de utilizar nuestros productos o servicios y contáctenos[12]  para cerrar cualquier cuenta que haya creado.



    Contacte con Nosotros[13]


    Si tiene alguna pregunta con respecto a esta Declaración de
    Privacidad o su implementación, puede comunicarse con nosotros:


    En relación con el uso de sus datos personales para los siguientes fines: data@romwe.com

    • Para proporcionar, mejorar y desarrollar nuestros productos y servicios;
    • para comunicarnos con usted;
    • para compartir su información personal con terceros para comunicaciones de marketing;
    • para ofrecer publicidad y servicios específicos;
    • para promover la seguridad.


    En relación con el uso de sus datos personales para la provisión de los productos y servicios que solicitó:










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